The road to recovery can be assisted with a Medication Assisted Treatment plan. Confidential help is available.

What does MAT mean to me?

Your HMS healthcare provider may recommend a MAT plan to assist in your recovery. Medication assisted treatment plans, accompanied with other supportive services provided at HMS, can help you stop the cycle of substance dependency and to return to a productive life.

What does treatment entail?

A medication assisted treatment plan usually starts with a medication assisted detox to help you manage your withdrawal symptoms safely. Detox alone is not a treatment. This is just the first step.

Dealing with addiction to heroin or prescription drugs like Oxycotin?
Medication used to help with type of addition include:

Buprenorphine (Also known by brand names of Subutex and Suboxone). This medication is a more recently approved medication aimed at treating certain drug additions. There is less risk associated with this medication. Buprenorphine produces less risk for overdose and withdrawal effects as well as a lower level of dependence. This treatment may be delivered in a doctor’s office. Naltrexone (Also known by brand name of Depade, ReVia, and Vivitrol). This medication can be taken daily orally or by a monthly injection. This treatment can help an addicted person not feel the effects of an illicit drug or alcohol.

Dealing with alcoholism?

Medication used to help with this type of addition include Naltrexone from above and the following: Acamprosate (Also known by the brand name Campral). This medication helps to stabilize chemical signally in the brain that would otherwise be disrupted by alcohol withdrawal. This treatment does not prevent withdrawal symptoms that a person may experience when alcohol is no longer consumed. Disulfiram (Also known by the brand name of Antabase). This medication is used to treat chronic alcoholism and may cause unpleasant effects when even small amounts of alcohol are consumed.

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